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It’s Electric Your Best NFTs By eMotion

It's Electric
The Stock Option.

The It’s Electric NFTs will be available for Subscription for a reserved amount on Guaranteed NFTs of 2.5Mil. Euro equal to 10% of the Company’s future capitalization by Shares of 25 Mil. Euro on the “New Global Digital Financial Market” (NGDFM).

The project includes other important interactions that are better described in the related presentation, all with a placement value of at least Euro 25 million in the first phase.

It's Electric NFTs Project Sale Powered by E-Motion

Sustainable and Exciting Mobility with Low Environmental Impact to combine the need for mobility and performance with a major reduction in noise and air pollution.

In business for about two years, capitalized for 2.5 million euros and with primary activity the dissemination of Electric Mobility on two wheels, that is, the sale and rental of motorcycles and two-wheeled vehicles (but not limited to) and boats, all with Electric Motor.

The same Company is implementing a widespread Electric Recharge network, that is, not concentrated in cities but de-localized in Tourist and Naturalistic transit areas.

Nfts Guaranteed It'S Electric Your Best Nfts By Emotion 2024
Nfts Guaranteed
Nfts Guaranteed
Nfts Guaranteed
Nfts Guaranteed - It'S Electric
Nfts Guaranteed It'S Electric Your Best Nfts By Emotion 2024
Nfts Guaranteed It'S Electric Your Best Nfts By Emotion 2024
Nfts Guaranteed

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NFTs It’s Electric


Euro 2,500.000 of Euro 25.000.000


NFTs Sale Start

17 Aug. 2022


NFTs Sale End

30 Jan. 2023


NFTs Price

1 Share = 1 Euro

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Here is the complete documentation of It’s Electric useful for your Investment.

Nfts Guaranteed It'S Electric Your Best Nfts By Emotion 2024



Nfts Guaranteed It'S Electric Your Best Nfts By Emotion 2024



Nfts Guaranteed It'S Electric Your Best Nfts By Emotion 2024

Company Profile


Nfts Guaranteed It'S Electric Your Best Nfts By Emotion 2024



It's Electric https://itselectric.it - @officialitselectric
There is more and more talk about #EMobility and we see more and more electric vehicles on the streets around the world, but there are still many doubts and perplexities on the part of citizens. 🔋 The most discussed is undoubtedly that of charging stations and the vehicle battery, but just as the growth of traditional vehicles in the 20th century required the construction of gas stations, revolutionary #EMobility in the 21st century will require just as many charging stations.
It's Electric https://itselectric.it - @officialitselectric
WOW is an innovative electric scooter entirely designed and built in Italy. ⚡ Among its qualities we can see: ✅ Grande autonomia grazie all'efficienza del motore e delle due batterie ✅ Tre mappe di guida. Economy/City/Sport, selezionabili comodomente con un pulsante sul manubrio ✅ Ruote da 16″ per una maggiore sicurezza e comfort di guida ✅ Freno elettromagnetico, attivabile comodamente con un pulsante sul manubrio che consente di trasformare l’80% dell'energia cinetica in ricarica della batteria #WOW è il futuro della #EMobility.
It's Electric https://itselectric.it - @officialitselectric
Passate da un nastro d’asfalto a una strada sterrata? Nessun problema. Cambiate i profili delle prestazioni con la semplice pressione di un dito, e mantenete il controllo su qualsiasi terreno. La #ZeroDSR è programmata di serie con le modalità di guida #Eco o #Sport e può essere completamente personalizzata tramite l’applicazione di Zero Motorcycles, che visualizza inoltre statistiche di guida dettagliate. Mangiate un boccone. Prendete un caffè. Ricaricate.
It's Electric https://itselectric.it - @officialitselectric
#TalariaSting Offroad la nuova moto da cross elettrica che coniuga potenza e robustezza in una unica soluzione. La continua ricerca di prestazioni e affidabilità, con una dotazione di serie di altissimo livello, si trasforma in puro divertimento. Batteria di grande capacità, trasmissione primaria ad ingranaggi a bagno d’olio, sospensione pro link, mappature diversificate e molto altro, fanno di Talaria Sting il nuovo punto di riferimento. Nella versione #L1E ci sono tutte le dotazioni e le omologazioni per poter targare il mezzo. Vieni a provare Talaria Ebikes nel nostro showroom! 🤙
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Nfts Guaranteed It'S Electric Your Best Nfts By Emotion 2024


There are hundreds of fake-news circulating on the web and being spread by those who object to electric mobility regardless, those who reject out of hand a technological process that will inexorably change our culture and mobility.

Advanced Heading

What do you think?

Nobody wants electric vehicles!

One fact alone is enough to refute the claim: today, worldwide, electric cars sold in one day are sold in all of 2012.

Charging stations are few!

In Italy there are 25 thousand charging points and 244 thousand electric and plug-in hybrids circulating, we are at the top of the ranking of European countries for charging possibilities.

Electric Vehicles are dangerous because they catch fire!

This fake-news is answered by a study by the National Fire Protection Association, which shows that the fire risk associated with electric cars is 64 times lower than with conventional cars.

Many electric vehicle batteries cannot be recycled!

To date, there are about 50 companies worldwide that recycle lithium-ion batteries on a large scale, mostly in China, South Korea, the EU, Japan, Canada and the United States. And it is a huge business. Not to mention that after a period of heavy use, 8-10 years, electric car batteries retain at least 75% of their capacity. In fact, they are often used as storage elements.

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